SCC Uniform Items & Miscellaneous - North East Militaria 2013

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SCC Uniform Items & Miscellaneous

Royal Marines Brass Union Locket Belt
Buckle (Queens Crown)
UK £18.00

A  Royal Navy
Warrant Officers
Beret Badge
UK £12.00

Royal Navy
Chief Petty Officer
Cap Badge
Price UK £ 7.00

Silver Wire
Duke of Edinburgh
Award badge

Price UK £10

White Cotton
Dress Gloves

Price UK £ 7.00 pair

Royal Navy Petty Officers
Cap Badge  
Price UK £ 6.00

Royal Navy Gold Bullion
Officers Sword Knot
Price UK £ 16.00

Sea Cadet Corps Gold
Shoulder Flashes
UK £ 3.00 pair

A Royal Navy
Warrant Officers
Cap Badge

Price £10.00

Royal Navy

Price £15.00

Royal Navy
Gold Wire
Good Conduct

Price UK £2.00 per Chevron

Junior Sea Cadet Embroidered
Beret Badges
UK £ 0.90p

18 x 12 inch Nylon Sea Cadet Ensigns,
for small boats Ribs, Dories Etc.
UK £ 8.00 each

Sea Cadet Corps Red on Blue
Shoulder Flashes
UK £2.50 Pair

Royal Navy Officers
Gold Wire Cap Badge
UK £ 10.00

A New
Royal Navy Officers
Metal Beret Badge

Price UK £ 12.00

Sea Cadet Corps Black on Green
Shoulder Flashes
UK £2.50 pair

Last Updated 28th March 2021
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