Pickelhaube & Helmets - North East Militaria 2013

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Pickelhaube & Helmets

A Reproduction
WW1 Saxony
Jaegers Shako

Price UK £150

A Reproduction WW1
Prussian Cuirassiers
Lobster Tailed Pickelhaube

Price UK £ 90

A WW1 reproduction
Wurtemburg Artillery

Price UK £ 125

A Reproduction Officers
WW1 Prussian Dragoons

Price UK £ 140.00

An old Reproduction
of a WW1 Prissian
Garde Pickelhaube

Price UK £ 120.00

Reproduction WW1
Kaisermarine See
Battalion Shako

Price UK £150
Last Updated 19th October 2020
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