Helmet Plates - North East Militaria 2013

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Helmet Plates

A Current Royal
Marines Officers
Ceremonial Pith
Helmet Plate

Price UK £ 130.00

Large late 19th Century
White Metal
American Indian Wars
Helmet Plate

size 11.5cm x 10cm

Price UK £45.00

An Aged Reproduction
Prussian Customs
Pickelhaube Plate

Price UK £ 45.00

An Aged Reproduction
Saxony Pickelhaube

Price UK £ 40.00

A reproduction Victorian
Royal Marines Light
Infantry Helmet Plate

Price UK £ 65.00

An Indian Army
Bombay Volunteer Rifles
Helmet Plate

Price UK £25.00
A Reproduction Victorian
Cameronians Scottish Rifles
Helmet Plate

Price UK £45.00
Last Updated 27th July 2022
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