Head Dress - North East Militaria 2013

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Head Dress

A US Navy Officers
Visor Cap for the Rank
of Commander & Captain
by Kingform Cap Company
(in New Condition)
Size 7 1/4 (57cm)

Price. UK £75.00

An American Montana
Campaign Hat with
United States Marine Corps
Enlisted mans Badge

Size 57cm (US 7 1/4)

Price UK £60.00

A Reproduction WW2
German Infantry Officers
Visor Cap made by Erol of Berlin

Size 55cm

Price UK £75.00

A British General
Officers Dress
Visor Cap

Size 58cm

Price UK £75.00

A Black Cameron


Price £35.00

An Adjutant Generals
Corps Femaile Visor

Size 52cm

Price UK £ 25.00

A French 1990's

Size 56
Price UK £50
A WW2 Era French
Naval Infantry Officers
(Sous Lieutenant)  Kepi
Size 55cm
Price UK £ 55

A Reproduction of a
WW2 German Luftwaffe
enlisted mans Visor Cap

Size 58cm

Price UK £ 60.00

Royal Navy Visor Cap
for Commander or Captain

Size 59cm

Price UK £60.00

A German Volunteer Officers
Cap for an Officer in the Fire Department
of Friesenheim Germany

Size 58cm
Price UK £ 35.00

Czech Prague Palace
Guard  Summer
Visor Cap

Size 56cm

Price UK £30.00

A superb reproduction of a
WW2 German Waffen SS
Visor Cap,
Piped Yellow for Signals
attached to Gebirgsjaeger

Size 57 cm
Price UK £ 75.00

Royal Omani Air Force
Officers Side Cap
with bullion cap badge


Price UK £30.00

Reproduction WW2 German
Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap

Size 61

Price UK £ 60.00

Russian Police
Summer Visor Cap

Size 54cm

Price £25.00

An Obsolete
Northumberland Constabulary
Visor Cap

Size 58cm

Price UK £45.00

Last Updated 13th May 2020
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